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Quality Goes Far Beyond What You See

Warranty Information

JASON by RANCH Industries warrants to the original purchaser, all fibreglass caps and lids to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own your JASON product. The painted finish is guaranteed against chalking and fading for as long as you own your cap or lid. The automotive lock core, gas props and the brake light are guaranteed for one year.

Our Commitment to be the best

JASON by RANCH Industries is recognized as one of the leading producers of quality pick-up truck caps and lids. Rooted strongly in the principles of longevity, knowledge and experience, the RANCH organization is committed to producing the best possible product on the road today.
Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.


    -- Smooth Top Cover

    Sleek profile lid with exceptional quality. The Ranch (Jason) SportWrap is our smooth top fibreglass lid. This painted fibreglass cover has a lower profile look that is sure to impress. This sleek fitting tonneau cover also offers skirted, trimless, finished edges to improve the overall function and style of the lid.
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      --Style Lined Cover

      The Ranch (Jason) Legacy is our impressive style lined fibreglass lid. This painted fibreglass cover has extra styling to catch your eye. The style lines in the mold are consistent regardless of your truck.
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        -- VALUE Cab High Cap

        The VALUE cap with your needs in mind. If you are looking for a basic cap that looks great then the Ranch (Jason) Echo is the perfect fit for you. Designed to help secure and seal your truck bed the Ranch (Jason) Echo is the VALUE cap with your needs in mind.
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          -- BEST BUY Cab High Cap

          Taking industry standard to the next level, our Sierra is all about VALUE! Offering an automotive finish, a great fit and a smart build. There is no denying the Ranch (Jason) Sierra is…the best buy for your buck.
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            -- PREMIUM Cab High Cap

            The Ranch (Jason) Fusion model was designed to blend versatility and style. This model has the same standard features as the Sierra model with an upgraded recessed rear door and recessed vented side window configuration.
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              -- PREMIUM Cab High Cap

              The Ranch (Jason) Premier brings your truck an SUV look with clean lines and sleek styling. Featuring recessed bonded “frameless” side windows and doors, this unit is sure to turn a few heads!
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                -- PREMIUM Cab High Cap

                Introducing the new Ranch (Jason) ICON, an upgraded version of the Premier model featuring a gorgeous new frameless rear door with nothing showing except a handle. New internal heavy duty hinges along with an improved seal finish off this truly all glass rear door with function and style.
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                  -- HIGH RISE Cap

                  If you need extra height, the Ranch (Jason) Supreme is the top for you. Averaging 32” in height, this cap is designed to be spacious and stylish. If you need extra space the Ranch (Jason) Supreme has the space you need.
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                    -- WORK FORCE Cap

                    A true commercial workhorse with structural reinforcement to handle tough jobs while looking great with custom fit fibreglass. It's the perfect combination of style and substance.
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