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Towing Products

Mirror Extensions

Our Custom Towing Mirrors slide over your vehicles existing mirror to give you added vision while towing. These mirrors are application-specific to provide the perfect fit for your vehicle. They are fully adjustable and do not obstruct your existing mirror.


Whether you need a trailer hitch for towing or for carrying gear, we have the CURT Trailer Hitch for you. We carry CURT hitches because we think they offer the best overall quality, strength, durability and styling of any hitch out there.

DRAW-TITE gives you top quality in every hitch and receiver they make:

  • Solid all-welded construction for maximum strength and safety
  • Custom built according to manufacturer and model year
  • Ensures perfect fit and top towing performance
  • Computer-aided design and fatigue stress testing
  • Designed to withstand road abuse within specified capacities

Whether you're towing a small boat or utility trailer or maybe you have a large travel trailer, horse trailer or work trailer, make the THE TRUCK TOPPERS your towing headquarters.

We can hitch you up and get you on the road!

Suspension Products

FIRESTONE Air Springs have become synonymous with quality, durability and customer support, that is second to none. We can hitch you up and get you on the road!

RIDE-RITE is the most popular of Freestones Air Bags. These double convoluted bags offer maximum load capacity 3,200 - 5,000 lbs. and are the workhorse of their product line. They install between the frame of your vehicle and the suspension, providing load support through the use of air pressure.

SPORT-RITE Air Bags were developed to maintain a level vehicle while still offering the best possible ride characteristics under any load condition. SPORT-RITE Air Bags use a tapered sleeve style that is capable of supporting up to 3,000 lbs. You will see drastic improvements while hauling with more control, stability and load support.

COIL-RITE Air Bags can greatly improve the ride, handling and braking of your vehicle. These bags provide extra support for the existing coil springs in your vehicle. The bags are adjustable, with the ability to level your vehicle and assist with an overall smoother ride. The pressure can be controlled, allowing the air bag to support 500 - 1,000 lbs.

AIR LIFT adjustable air bags provide the highest level of safety and comfort when towing or hauling a heavy load. These air bags work with your existing leaf or coil suspension to give you more load support in the rear of your vehicle when you need it. AIR LIFT air bags stabilize your vehicle, giving you up to 5,000 pounds of levelling capacity. To operate, simply inflate the air bags when you need more load support and deflate when riding empty.

The WirelessOne System with EZ Mount gives you everything you need for the fastest, easiest installation. EZ Mount packages the manifold and upgraded, heavy duty compressor into one convenient, pre assembled and factory tested bracket, giving you everything you need to have full control of your air springs in no time at all.

HELLWIG HELPER SPRINGS will increase the load capacity of your vehicle and keeps your springs from flattening under load which causes sagging, swaying and bottoming out, as well as adding stress to your suspension. These helper springs range in capacity from 550 lbs. to 3,500 lbs. which adjusts to the load in your vehicle and provide you a smooth and level ride.

SUPER SPRINGS are progressive in nature in that they work on an as-needed basics.

As a vehicle with rear leaf springs comes under load, the factory springs react as they are designed too. The centre of the springs move vertically causing the overall leaves to flex and .flatten. out. This movement in the factory spring activates the SUPER SPRING through the rollers at the end of each leaf. Because the SUPER SPRING rollers are under tension, a movement in the factory spring cause them to move seeking their new point of least resistance. This simple roller principal allows the SUPER SPRING to activate and deactivate automatically.

SUPER SPRINGS enhance load carrying capacity, handling and towing.


Bike Carriers

SURCO Bike Racks are always there for you, from daily drop offs to the rocky trails and slopes where you live. SURCO builds their bike racks to handle any adventure. Their product line includes a standard, fold-down and a swing-away style bike carry which holds up to four bikes.

Cargo Carriers

These cargo carriers have tall side rails to keep your cargo organized and works great for securing your gear in any class 2 or class 3 hitch. For extra room in your vehicle for those long vacations or just a quick trip to the store, these carrier are a excellent choice.

Equipment Carrier

Long loads are easily secured and safer to haul BEHIND the vehicle. This adjustable bed extension installs in seconds giving you a 4. wide support. Stores flat behind the seat, red flag included, removes in seconds.


Designed for both commercial and residential use, this carrier makes transporting lawn and garden equipment, along with cargo and just about anything easier than ever before. This rugged 60" x 33" steel mesh carrier is rated for 500 lbs. The folding ramp locks in position vertically when in use. When the carrier is not in use, it folds upright behind your vehicle.