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Performance Lighting

For those looking for the brightest light possible, PUTCO SILVER LUX LED Headlight Kits upgrade your existing incandescent lighting into newest & most advanced LED Kits available. These kits are a combination of everything needed, high power 4000 Lumileds dual filament lamp, anti-flicker (if required) and wiring. The clockable collars adjust for the perfect beam. Made in American and backed by a 2 year warranty.

PUTCO SILVER LUX PRO LED lamps are made specifically for headlamps with projector lenses. These complete kits include a Cree XHP70 LED – with 180 degree beam angle and 6000 lumen output which increases light visibility dramatically. Made in American and backed by a 3 year warranty.

For the price conscious people, we also carry Lumens LED Headlight Lamps.

All-Weather Vehicle Remote Starter Systems

GO THE DISTANCE...With up to 3,000 feet of operating range, iDataStart remote start systems offer reliable control whether from your driveway or a short drive away. With pre-packaged configurations and flexible 1-way or 2-way remote upgrade options, iDataStart has the right system for every need.

Start your engine with the push of a button. Whether you are looking for a 1- way entry level remote control vehicle starter or a full-featured 2- way remote control starter system CRIMESTOPPERS has the system that is just right for your specific needs. So do not get caught in the cold of the winter or the heat of the summer.

Electronic Rust Protection

Your vehicles is under constant attack. Corrosion occurs naturally on the body of your vehicle as it is exposed to wet and damp conditions. Salt, rain and humidity accelerate the oxidation process to cause rust and deterioration.

How does the DEFENDER-PLUS help?

  • A totally safe, repetitive pulse wave signal is distributed onto the vehicle surface which interrupts the natural corrosion process and prevents the formation of rust. Testing shows a reduction of corrosion up to 99.7% on sheet metal.
  • A cleaner and eco-friendly solution With the environment as a top priority, DEFENDER-PLUS is helping to protect the planet, one vehicle at a time, by eliminating the need for over 130,000 gallons of oils and solvents that would have been used to protect vehicles.
  • Smarter The DEFENDER-PLUS reaches and protects more of your vehicle from rust damage such as the roof, pillars, above the window line and inside seam areas that are normally left unprotected with traditional spray products.
  • More Effective An AC/RF pulse wave signal creates a surface layer of protection over the vehicle's body panel surfaces when they are exposed to damage from stone chips, scratches or chipped paint..

Driving Assist Systems

CRIMESTOPPERS offer the most diversified line-up of cameras and display monitors on the market today. The SafetyPlus System has a solution for almost every vehicle blind spot situation. In addition the wireless option is the most reliable ever seen for cars, trucks, SUV's and RV's.


The BACKSTOPPER is a rear impact warning sensor system designed to aid the driver when backing up their vehicle.

These systems will alert the driver of any small children, pedestrians, animals or small unseen objects such as bicycles or parking poles. This makes it very convenient for parking in a parking garage, a crowded lot or even in your own driveway.

See what you've been missing with these completely integrated rear view back-up cameras and 3.5" LCD display rear view mirrors.

These back-up camera systems include a identical replacement rear view mirror for your pick-up truck with no loss of vehicle features, a replacement tailgate handle bezel with integrated Panasonic OEM-grade color rear view camera and all the wire harnessing. When you put your truck in reverse, the rear view mirror displays a complete view of everything behind your vehicle.