Quality Goes Far Beyond What You See


JASON INDUSTRIES warrants to the original purchaser, all fibreglass caps and lids to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own your JASON product. The painted finish is guaranteed against chalking and fading for as long as you own your cap or lid. The automotive lock core, gas props and the brake light are guaranteed for three years.


JASON INDUSTRIES is recognized as one of the leading producers of quality pick-up truck caps and lids. Rooted strongly in the principles of longevity, knowledge and experience, the JASON organization is committed to producing the best possible product on the road today. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.




Hugger -- Incisive Simplicity, Intriguing Eloquence

The Hugger represents a breakthrough in fibreglass lids. JASON’S engineering team designed an innovative cover that "hugs" the bed of your truck.

Rage -- Taking Design to the Next Level

Each Rage lid is as unique as the pick-up truck it is intended for. Each model is crafted to enhance the body lines of your truck.

Pace -- Cool Down to the Basics

These affordable truck caps deliver quality along with style and function. The Pace’s efficient good looks, reasonable price and road-proven performance make it a great choice!

Also Available in the All NEW

Zone -- Top Notch Styling

This stylish line of caps exemplifies a spirited design that shows the passion, JASON has for their product line and their customers demanding lifestyle.

Extreme -- Just the Best

This premium truck cap features a popular profile with a high end style, featuring curved all-glass side windows, coupled with a curved all-glass rear door for a Extreme look!

Cyber -- The Ultimate Look

The very best in sleek design and futuristic styling defines the Cyber. This cap features a wrap-over-the-rail design, recessed all-glass side windows and JASON’S unique all-glass rear door.

Trek -- Ready for Work or Play

These full roof truck caps, provides maximum headroom plus an enlarged tailgate entry area making it easier to arrange larger loads. The Trek is ideal for leisure and commercial purposes.

Also Available in the All NEW

Force -- High-Roof Style with an Attitude

This is JASON’S most spacious model. The high roof extends almost to the front of the cap and the over-sized door is as big as you can get.

Work Force -- Attractive, Strong and Practical

Turn any truck into a work truck. Build one that works for you.